The Amazing Wines of Portugal: A Full Overview

The Amazing Wines of Portugal: A Full Overview

Twin Cities Wine Education LLC presents

The Amazing Wines of Portugal

Crisp whites, deep dry reds, dessert deliciousness, and everything in-between!

If there is one wine country to keep an eye on right now, it’s Portugal.

While much of Spanish winemaking has hyper-modernized (international varietals, lots of new oak used, deeper and more extracted wines that don’t seem to have a sense of place), Portugal has done an exceptional job of straddling the old world and the new world.

Many of these wines fly under the consumer’s radar due to several factors: unknown varietals (how often do you walk into a wine bar and ask for a Touriga Nacional?), unknown regions (“What do you have from Dao?”), and until recently old-school (in the bad way) winemaking techniques.

But no more. Portugal has emerged in the last ten years as a sleeping powerhouse of wine and we’re just now beginning to see the amazingness that is ahead (in many ways, Portugal in 2016 is where Spanish wines were in 1985).

In this comprehensive evening we will cover the world of wines from Portugal. We’ll start in the far north, discussing the making and role of Vinho Verde (and why it’s styled and tastes like it does … it’s all about the terroir). We’ll continue into a lengthy discussion of the dry reds of Portugal, many of which you’ll try for the first time. The history and reason for the existence of these wines is fascinating and we’ll learn how many of these wines are a result of what I call “Political terroir.” We’ll detail the regions of Dao, the Douro Valley, and Altentejo.

To finish the class, we’ll have a brief overview of the two great dessert wine producing regions of Portugal: The Douro River Valley (Port) and the island of Madeira. We will discuss the vast differences in their winemaking style while detailing how to shop for, store, serve and enjoy the wines.

I hope you can join us for this new and very exciting class, which is sure to open your eyes to a whole new world of wine.

Jason Kallsen
Twin Cities Wine Education LLC