No More Quiet Community Introduction~ Do you long for your voice to be heard?

No More Quiet Community Introduction~ Do you long for your voice to be heard?

Dear Courageous Women, 

We welcome you to our “No More Quiet” Community.

Are you someone who longs to speak your truth? To connect to the humanity of others?

Are you a woman who is uncovering a big truth in your life?

Would you like to join our community of women who desire deeper connection, open-ness and a place of refuge and joy?

Do you know you need something but aren’t aware of how to find it?

Our community was birthed from a place of passion for women to share their voices, feelings, and hearts so they can be heard, acknowledged, appreciated and know that they are worthy of being heard.

We are extending a heartfelt invitation for you to join our launch on Monday, October 28 at our first gathering of “No More Quiet”. You’ll have the opportunity to explore and have a conversation about what “No More Quiet” is all about and what it means to you …We’ll also be sharing our mission and what our platform represents. 

Our community is created to give its members a safe space to connect from the heart. We’ll also be doing activities that will support you to open your hearts, express your feelings and share your voices and stories.

We will gather monthly to learn, share, create, and inspire one another. This, in turn, will have an amazing effect on our whole life. It will be all about what nurtures us and gives us space to open up and free our hearts.

Speaking your truth alleviates stress, benefits others and builds community. Be prepared to open your hearts and minds. 

Our facilitators will be using a communication tool called Points of You to explore. 

For those of you who would like to learn more about this communication tool, feel free to go to:


We look forward to meeting each and every one of who will be joining our first No More Quite gathering on…

Please note, there are few seats available and we would hate for you to miss out on this one of a kind heart-opening gatherings.

Your loving and caring leader, 


Please join us here for all events and information: