How to Manifest $10,000 Quickly, with Spiritual Alignment, Grace & Ease (Instant Access)

How to Manifest $10,000 Quickly, with Spiritual Alignment, Grace & Ease (Instant Access)

Learn to Manifest $10,000 Quickly, with Spiritual Alignment, Grace & Ease


Yes, Manifesting $10,000 (per month!) can be Easy, Graceful, & of course, Spiritually Aligned. 

In this course (which you’ll receive instant access to), I’ll reveal all the details and secrets of my personal 7 step process…

The process that finally took me over the $10K mark in a month, and continues to bring me $10K per month with fully-aligned grace and ease. 


Trust me, manifesting this amount of money is not that hard. 😉

$10K months can be effortless and consistent for you, too.


Here’s what you’ll learn in this 1.5+ hour video course:

  •  The exact process that took me into $10K months (I’ll tell you everything you need to know)

  •  How to connect to and embody Source Energy, which is your True Source of Wealth 

  •  The exact way to “think” about money so you’re aligned with attracting it

  •  Exactly how to energetically vibrate with creating $10K months

  •  The very specific actions for you to take to create this type of money

  •  The necessary steps to embody the energy of $10K months

  •  Exactly what to do everyday to make this your reality

  •  Why most people will never make type of money (and how to not be one of those people)

  •  Exactly what keeps you stuck at your current income level (and how to up-level)

  •  How to create good-vibe money that serves the world

  •  An easy to follow process to avoid overwhelm, fear, dread or confusion

  •  How to stop sabotaging your ability to make a lot of money!

  •  How to manifest beyond $10K months (into 6 figures and beyond… this process if fully repeatable!)


Are you ready to easily manifest $10,000, month after month?

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With Abundant Love, 
Shelly Bullard
Manifesting Expert & Spiritual Teacher