Chicago – Unify Trading Event

Chicago – Unify Trading Event

Unify Chicago through Financial Literacy! 

This December To Remember Event will educate individuals in the Chicagoland Area about the Financial Revolution happening at our finger tips. We will be discussing The $6.6 Trillion Foreign Exchange Market & The Expanding Crypto Currency Market and how YOU can access it with ease while aligning Yourself with the necessary proper mentorship to cut the learning curve. 


We are blessed to be visited by some of the Top Earners in the $189 Billion “Word of Mouth Marketing” Industry:

23 Year Old Chairman 50 John Guamon (Top 250 World Wide Earner)
24 Year Old Dual Language Educator Mike Navarrete (Educates For $250m Educational Platform)
24 Year Old Founder of Steady Justin “Starboi” Saini (Educates For $250m Educational Platform) 
25 Year Old Chairman 10 Tim Sloma (Highest 6 Figure Earner in Midwest)


We will not only Educate and create a level of Understanding of how to get involved in this market, but provide Value/Information on creating Passive and Residual Income streams to increase capital while learning this skillset currently helping millions! 

This will be an event to remember!