How to Replace Your Salary & Become Your Own Boss – Aurora

How to Replace Your Salary & Become Your Own Boss – Aurora

Are you a successful career professional who has a good full-time job, but you are tired of not living up to your full potential and having the freedom, income, and impact you deserve?

Then you won’t want to miss this webinar!

You will discover:

How to go from employee to entrepreneur in less than a year
The real reason why most new businesses fail and how you can ensure success
How to work anywhere in the world while making more money and working less hours than you do currently
The case study of one of our clients who went from having no business idea to being able to quit her high-paying job within six months
How to do all of this while living with purpose and helping improve the lives of others

Come discover how you can set your own schedule, work from anywhere in the world, earn a great income helping others, and be fulfilled in your work.

This is an online webinar so you can watch it from anywhere. After you register here on Eventbrite you will receive further instructions on how to sign up for the webinar.

Be sure to have a paper and pencil ready since you will want to take a lot of notes.

See you on the webinar!